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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not the Biggest Success!

I did a "market" at a small shopping centre today. My mum has had a craft stall there for thirteen (!!!) years, and averaged about $300 each time. Recently the centre has decided to have a "Market Thursday" once a month. There is no charge for fees, my recently-retired husband was home and able to take care of the school pick-up, so I thought "Why not?"
I arrived at about twenty to nine and there was not one other stall set up. I sought out centre management and knew it was going to be a good day when the person I spoke to said, "Market?? What market? I know nothing about any market!" She then said that the person organising the "market' was running late and wouldn't be in till 9:30.
I decided at this point that I needed a coffee, and while I was drinking it I saw someone starting to set up a table. I made an executive decision to ask for mine to be set up next to hers and the chap who had carried her table out obligingly helped me procure one, too. At this point my Mum arrived, and I found that I happened to have set up next to her regular spot.
Anyway... after about two hours I made my first and only sale for the day. It was a double sale, really- a Size 5 "Mandy" doll and a matching clothes set.

After that sale, I talked to a lot of nice people who "wished they knew who to buy them for", "remembered playing with paper dolls as a girl" or "had only grown up kids and no grandkids yet".
After 3:30 things started to look up, with school kids and their parents starting to arrive and stop for a look, and I'd decided it might be worth staying a bit to see if things improved.... when the principal  rang to say that Miss 6 had not been picked up from school. Neither of us could get hold of my husband on the phone and the principal said he'd drive her home. (Fortunately we know each other well, as he happens to be my boss, too!) So that was that.  Even though there was nothing I could do, I couldn't relax anymore.  Besides, my feet were hurting!  So I packed up and left.  I got stuck in peak hour traffic, of course, taking almost two hours to get home.

On the plus side:
It was fun spending the day with Mum!
The stall was free.
The $20 I made covered the coffee I bought during the course of the day!
Said coffee was some of the best I've ever tasted.
I talked to lots of people and handed out information cards.
Just as I was packing up a lady came up and asked for my card.  She said she'd been wanting to order some of my multicultural dolls for her school, but had lost the information brochure.  When I asked where she taught it turned out she is Head of Primary at Plenty Valley Christian School, which was where my husband worked until he retired two weeks ago!!! So I was able to vent to someone who knew him about my displeasure with him just now. She smiled and said, "Go home and forgive him, He's new to this game!"
Which I've done. He's calling me to come to dinner as we speak... another plus!

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  1. How disappointing for you.. I do admire how you are able to look at the bright side of your day though, I would probably be still fuming!!


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