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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mrs Monkei's Giveaway- Last Chance to Enter!

Tomorrow the winners of Mrs Monkei's giveaway will be drawn!  Remember that each comment is worth one entry! (Multiple actions described in one comment count as one entry!)
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 When I offered to host this giveaway for Mrs Monkei's Jewelry I made it clear that my policy is not to ask for free samples- I aim to write reviews about items I've bought, or host giveaways to help out a fellow crafter. 
Nonetheless, Erin sent me a gift in the mail anyway! Two lovely bookmarks!
This one is similar to the bookmark being offered as a prize in this giveaway.  It features a tastefully chosen collection of flowers and beads dangling on chains from the silver placekeeper.

My favourite one, though, is this, because it happens to be my favourite colour combination!  (It's marking the place here in an old encylopedia I salvaged from my parents when they were downsizing, marking the entry for "gemstones."  The Dutch words translates as "noble stones", and to me silver and blue has something noble about it!

So I speak from experience when I say the prize will be worth the effort! Entries close at 7pm tomorrow night (Saturday, 9th July Australian EST) and the winners will be announced on Sunday!

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  1. Beautiful tag to keep in The bible or bookmarking, I just find about it more than three days, this is my fourth day and today morning I got a great treasure which I was really searching.


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