Looking for a unique personalised gift? Or maybe you're a teacher or home-schooler looking for hands-on learning activities? Welcome to my shop, where you will find handmade magnetic dress-up dolls and Bible story sets to use on a magnetic whiteboard.
My magnetic paper dolls are mounted on 3mm craft wood. The clothes attach to the dolls with magnetic dots. All items are handmade by me, from the original art work to the finished product.
***Personalised dolls can be made on request.***

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Glimpse at my Process

I thought it might be interesting to show you a glimpse of the process I go through to make a personalised magnetic doll.
Step 1. Adding the face from a photo.
There are two main tools I use for this part of the process: Photoshop Elements and my Bamboo tablet and stylus. First I isolate the relevant part of the photo, resize it and adjust colour and lighting to match the doll. Sometimes I need to remove blemishes or add some extra touches, as well.

Step 2.  Make a clothes set.
Still on the computer, I put together a selection of clothes based on the customer's requests.  These may be selected from the ones I have on file, or made from scratch.  If the photo is full length, I often add clothes based on the ones in the photo as an extra!

Step 3. Print...
...taking care to use the right papers- adhesive photo paper for the doll and the packet label; high resolution paper for the clothes and card for the packet.
Step 4. Making the doll
 I peel of the backing paper and fix it to a self-adhesive magnetic sheet, which is then stuck to a piece of 3mm MDF. Using a scroll saw I cut the doll out, and finish it off with a coat of varnish. Finally, I add a magnetic strip to the back so it can be attached to a fridge.

Step 5. Preparing the clothes.
First I cut out all the clothes, laminate them, and cut them out again. Then I add magnitic dots so that they will stick to the doll. To cut out the dots from the magnetic sheets I use a lovely punch from Fiskars which makes the job so much easier than the previous type I had.

Step 6. Package
Package the finished set, and it's ready to send off. (Making the packages involves another few steps which I won't go into here.)

Step 7.
Time to play! They can be displayed on the fridge or on a magnetic whiteboard. We have used them on a cookie tray while travelling, and my daughter keeps hers in her school bag to use when there is a wet day timetable...

...Oh, and in case anyone who recognises the girl in these pictures is wondering... "Emily" is not her real name, of course! Just one of my favourite names, used to protect her privacy:)


  1. I knew you did a lot of work to make your creations, but I never knew just how much. Thanks for sharing your process :)

  2. Wow...I never knew it was such a process...and you do such an amazing job too! I love the packaging for the dolls as well!

    Thanks for sharing this with us...it was definitely interesting!

  3. I agree..I always wondered how you created such a beautiful product...Good on you and I hope your shop goes from strength to strength.

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