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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As my followers will know, I am working on expanding my "Children of the World" collection.

This collection represents children from a wide range of cultural groups based on ethnic regions including the Pacific, Asia, northern and southern Europe, the Americas and Africa.
Each pair of these sturdy dolls come as a set including a school uniform, weekend clothes, and a pair of pajamas for each of them.  In addition a sample of traditional clothing for each region is included.
I've started working on the next pair already.  Which brings me to the competition:  
Can you guess which country is next? 
You have until 7 pm on Saturday 11th June, Melbourne time, to post your guess. 
You can choose either to leave a comment here or on my Facebook wall.
You may enter as many times as you like- only one guess per post, however.

The winner will be the first person to post the correct answer, based on time and date.
If no-one guesses the exact country, the prize will go to the closest geographical location.

The Prize?
The winner(s) will be allowed to choose any standard (non-custom) item from my store to the value of $25.  (Excludes personalised dolls.)
I will notify the winner personally, and will post the new dolls here on Saturday 11th June!

I don't plan to double up, so I would suggest taking a look at the dolls already listed in my MadeIt store or my Etsy shop!  Links to both locations are located at the top of this page.

Bonus Giveaway!!!
For the duration of this competition, anyone purchasing a doll from my shop will receive one clothes set of their choice free of charge.  This offer applies to individual dolls, pairs of dolls and even personalised dolls.


  1. Oh....hmmm....which country next?!?!? Russia?

  2. Could it be Netherlands? How many times should I post and be wrong?!?! =)

  3. Well, since you have Netherlands...and I didn't see it the other day when I was looking, my last guess of the day, to make up for that one, will be America! =)

    Have a great day!

  4. Um...hmmm...so not good at guessing, LOL. Okay, I guess...South Korea.

  5. Should I try for Israel? Is anyone else playing this game?!?! =)

  6. what about swedish, swis, Malaysian, yugoslavia,The bahamas, belguim, Brazil, Chile, denmark, egypt, finland!, fiji, greece, italy, ukraine, turkey! like my list haha :D susanna paasila

  7. All the last ones were from me :)


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