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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Competition Result:

Here they are- Sari and Budi from...

Two people guessed correctly: Susanna on Facebook and Jessica on this site. Both had many other guesses as well:) They will both be allowed to choose a gift from my shop and will be notified personally of their win.
There was also a second chance draw, in which every person who participated was entered once for every guess. The winner of the draw was 6 year old Andrew, who got his Mum to enter his guess of South Africa.
I'll talk to him about his prize myself!

I've been wanting to make a pair of Indonesian dolls for a while, in honour of my Mother.          
Mum was born in Indonesia, and her earliest memories are of the tea plantation where her father was a manager. When she was three years old-70 years ago this year-the war broke out and, along with her mother and her older brother and sister, she spent the next few years in a number of Japanese prison camps. Her father died as a prisoner of war on the Burma Railway.
Last month Mum took a trip to Indonesia, something she has been planning to do for years. She and my sister visited various places Mum remembered, and hearing her tell about the trip and the memories it evoked has been a special experience for me. Getting an insight into her past has made me feel as though I have come to know my mother better and appreciate her more than ever before.


  1. Hi amaria, that's really interesting to know about your mother's background in Indonesia. I'm originally from Jakarta, and my great-grandparents also got captured by the Japanese and got executed. One of them is a trader and the other a school principal- it's hard to believe the hard times they have to endure in those days isn't it?

  2. I have to think of what a courageous woman my Grandmother was. She, as an adult, would have been far more aware of the horrors of the situation, yet there was no taste of bitterness from her.


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