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My magnetic paper dolls are mounted on 3mm craft wood. The clothes attach to the dolls with magnetic dots. All items are handmade by me, from the original art work to the finished product.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010


The thing I love most about selling my magnetic paper dolls has been that with every order there is a story.  Almost every customer has messaged me, telling me a bit about the child they are buying the doll for, the reason for choosing a particular outfit, what the response was when they opened their present or how much they are enjoying playing with them.
Last week a letter arrived for me in the mail. It was a birthday card from an 11 year old girl named Kirsty.
Kirsty is the most enthusiastic customer I have.  She has ordered several of my dolls and clothes sets, emailed me with suggestions for future sets and even won my last naming competition!
I don't get a lot of "real" mail these days, so it was exciting to get a letter that wasn't a bill!
The first thing that fell out of the envelope was this, bringing a big smile to my face:

Next I found a lovely card.
The message inside read as follows.
"Dear Amaria,
I wanted to send you this... It was pretty hard to make!
Here is about her:
Here is Lydia.  She is 13 years old and her favourite colour is purple. she loves cats and is in grade 7 at school.  Her best friend's name is Linda and they're cousins.
You will find the doll and some clothes in the envelope.
lots of love from Kirsty."

Sure enough, with the card I had found these:

I was so happy with this special gift, Kirsty!  I was smiling for a long time afterwards, and will treasure it!